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“I love the worksheets here and have been using the material in my Hindi Class for kids. Also, the Alphabet writing book you have released is totally awesome!!!! My kids at class love to use it and enjoy the pictures and colors it carries. I always keep looking forward for new worksheets added by you.

Tanya B, California

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HindiGym adapts this philosphy for its Hindi classes. Knowing a language completely involves being able to read, write, and speak in that language. Mere conversation is not going to achieve that, hence all Hindi classes are very hands on, with songs, stories, games, writing and reading in every class. Kids are involved in various interactive activities so that they can learn while they have fun!

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Is it True That Learning Foreign Languages is Difficult?

Learning foreign languages is a challenge. Especially if the foreign language is accompanied by letters that are not familiar to our daily eyes (besides the alphabet), like Russian, Thai, Arabic, Chinese or Japanese. Seeing the letters alone has twisted the eyes, not to mention mastering grammar, the tone of words per word that can separate meaning, memorize vocabulary, and nuances of language.

In the era of globalization as it is today, mastering a foreign language has become a necessity. Mastery of two or more foreign languages will be our added value. Based on information from Vistawide statistics about the order of 30 languages that at least a few speakers, Mandarin is ranked first with a total of 1 billion speakers. Then there are Hindi, Spanish, English, Arabic, Portuguese, Bengali, Russian, Japanese, and German languages in the 10th place.

Of the top 10, there are at least six languages that have typical letters: Mandarin, Hindi, Bengali, Arabic, Russian, and Japanese. Hindi and Bengali have the same roots from Sanskrit, but in writing, letters have their characteristics. Likewise, Chinese and Japanese letters are both starched but have distinctive distinctions both from the starch format and pronunciation techniques.

I will try to take for example Japanese. Japanese uses four types of letters in everyday writing. The least used ones are derivative starch from China, which amounts to approximately 50,000 starch. Besides, there are hiragana (native Japanese letters) consisting of 46 letters divided into vowels and consonant-vocal mixes. Hiragana is used to write kanji reading techniques and to record native Japanese languages combined with starch.

There are other sayings which number 46 letters, consisting of vowels and consonant-vocal mixtures, useful for recording absorption words from foreign languages. The name of a stranger is written in katakana. The alphabet (Latin letters) that you usually know is also used in Japan, but the number is not too much. They call it Romaji.

The kanji in Japanese does not only have one type of pronunciation, but there can be 2 or more techniques to pronounce it. This is why there is no right method or formula in memorizing Japanese kanji. What must be done is to learn the kanji one by one; all of them can be the pronunciation of the kanji.

There is also one word in Japanese that can be written in 2 types of kanji which are the opposite depending on the meaning and position in the sentence. For example, the word naosu: in the definition of healing, is written in the letter す will and will be written contrary to this 直 す when the meaning is to improve something.

There is also one word in Japanese that can be written in 2 types of kanji which are the opposite depending on the meaning and position in the sentence. For example, the word naosu: in the sense of healing, is written in the letter す will and will be written contrary to this 直 す when the meaning is to improve something.

Writing sentences in Japanese do not use spaces. Readers will know the division of words naturally in a sentence. Point and comma punctuation are used at the end of sentences and between sentences. But the question mark is not commonly used in formal writing because the meaning of the question has been contained in the predicate used in the sentence. The sequence of single sentences in Japanese is subject-object or verb-description.

Although it looks complicated, it turns out that the number of Indonesians learning Japanese reaches 870,000 (data in 2015) to the point where Japanese is the second most studied language after China. This is inseparable from the efforts of Japan to pass through its representatives or so many foundations or friendship associations such as the Japan Foundation to continue to introduce Japanese through many activities. Funny when the majority of people learn foreign language is because they want to understand games better, such as Mobile Legend and J-RPG where they must understand the story better. Not just console games for leisure, but some people also learn language so they can learn about how to play online casino or e-sports betting. Nowadays a tournament of Counter Strike have open betting also, it’s already world wide competition and one of the provider is Agen Sbobet that facilitate their member to bet in easy and secure process.

Funding assistance for universities conducting Japanese studies, organizing Japanese language courses, student expeditions to study languages in Japan with scholarships is concrete examples of Japanese efforts in language programs. They also have the Nihongo Partners program from 2014 until 2020, namely expeditions of teaching staff both volunteers and teachers to schools in ASEAN countries belonging to Indonesia which have Japanese language studies.

In 2018 to coincide with the fifth year of the program, 150 people will be delivered and distributed throughout Indonesia through cooperation with the Indonesian Ministry of Education and Culture.

In contrast, there are also Indonesian language fans in Japan, although there are not yet a number of Japanese language students in Indonesia. Some universities in Japan have Indonesian language programs both as general subjects and elective courses. The Tokyo University of Foreign Studies teaches Indonesian as the second foreign language after English. Other well-known universities such as Chuo University, Kanda University, Osaka University, and some others also conducted studies on Indonesia and Indonesian.

The Tokyo University of Foreign Studies teaches Indonesian as the second foreign language after English. Other well-known universities such as Chuo University, Kanda University, Osaka University, and some others also conducted studies on Indonesia and Indonesian.

Indeed, among the keys to mastery of language to advanced level is the opportunity to practice directly in the country of origin of the language. The nuances and style of language and the ‘compulsion’ to communicate with the local language will forge a person’s language skills for the better.

One of my language teachers once said, “if you can already have dreams in a foreign language, then you already know the language very well.”

Language is very urgent as a bridge to get to know each other between two countries and two cultures. All diplomates fully realize this in many countries and implemented in many programs. Like a quote that “Learning a language has no cognitive and academic benefits, it also supports a greater sense of openness and appreciation for other cultures” (Tochon, 2009).

Learning languages does not only recognize grammar and improve vocabulary only but increasing one’s sensitivity will be a nuance of language that is matched with local habits. By learning the language, it will directly or indirectly study historical patterns and society.

The mastery of all these matters will further open the horizons of the country from many sides: political, economic, social, and other issues. Knowledge of the local language will facilitate communication and foster conducive interpersonal relationships.

Top 10 Hindi Learning Apps For Android

Hindi Learning
  1. Drops: Learn Hindi

Drops is an OK language learning application. This one concentrates more on conversational Hindi. You learn center words and states and extend from that point. The application shows sentence structure through training instead of principles.

  1. Duolingo


The application utilizes snappy, short sessions for straightforward learning. You play little amusements, learn vocabulary words, and the sky is the limit from there. It’s a genuinely compelling methodology.

  1. Google Translate

It works incredibly for the two voyagers and students. You can interpret words as you type them. It incorporates sound elocutions too. There are a couple of other extraordinary highlights, including a camera include that interprets things like signs and menus progressively and a live interpreter for talking.

  1. HelloTalk

Hello talk

It interfaces you to different people. You show them your language, and they show you theirs. The application incorporates voice and video visits, instant messages, picture messages, sound messages, and the sky is the limit from there. There are likewise more than 100 dialects in the application.

  1. Learn Hindi Free

It includes more than 9,000 words and expressions with sound articulation precedents. It works the best as a phrasebook. You can see letters from the letter set, learn states rapidly, and the application has a fair association framework. There are likewise tests, disconnected help, and a better than average hunt.

  1. Memrise


It utilizes pretty much every showing strategy accessible. It has language structure and vocabulary exercises, conversational Hindi exercises, and even a social component where you can converse with individuals who communicate in Hindi. You likewise get disconnected help, different tests, and tests for capability estimation, and an articulation control with chronicles of real speakers.


  1. Mondly

It bolsters a pack of dialects, including Hindi. The application centers generally around center words and expressions. It at that point presents conversational Hindi and starts assembling your vocabulary. You additionally get day by day difficulties, articulation sound from local speakers, and a versatile learning highlight that gives you more exercises that you will, in general, do well with.

  1. Rosetta Stone


Hindi is one of those alternatives. Rosetta Stone uses an exclusive educating strategy. It appears to work for individuals because Rosetta Stone is a mainstream decision. The application begins with conversational Hindi and gradually manufactures your vocabulary and sentence structure from that point.

  1. Simply Learn Hindi

It likely works best as a phrasebook instead of a learning stage. It incorporates more than 1,000 common words and expressions of more than 30 classifications. Each expression has its sound elocution too. You can even back off the playback if you need more opportunity to hear the word. The application likewise incorporates tests, advance following, and the sky is the limit from there.

  1. Tandem

The application sets you with other language students around the globe. You get familiar with their language and show them yours consequently. The people group style is very successful. You likewise get sound and video calls, instant messages, picture messages, and sound messages. You can even pick the theme you need to find out about that day. There are additionally proficient guides accessible.

The Role Of Hindi In Improving International Cooperation

Hindi is our mother tongue and being Indians, we must be proud of it. When Sir Anerood Jugnauth, Mauritius’s minister mentor, minister of Rodrigues and minister of defence, made a statement saying India is our mother and being her child, it is our responsibility that we stand together and make an effort in making Hindi, the official language of United Nations, the room filled with an applause. Every person sitting in the room agreed to him hand down. That did not seem like some politician just making statement and vague promises for the sake of a vote bank. He ahs kept Mauritius kept connected to the grounds of India even after the huge the distance of great miles. He gave a living example of the same in the eleventh World Hindi conference which was co-hosted by two countries.


When the journalists asked questions in English, the lady who was guiding them very well suggested to converse the same in Hindi. This suggests the connections and validates that Hindi is playing a part in improving international cooperation. Indians who have now settled abroad also play a big part in this. As they settled across, Hindi is now spoken in one hundred and twenty countries and is very well understood amongst one point two billion people across the globe making a great ratio to make a point. All these points don’t even leave a doubt to those who still does not feel, Hindi opens the doors to the enormous possibilities.

Mauritius has a great economic strength and also various strategies which could be used in strengthening the bond between the two nations. When prime minister Narendra Modi and president Ramnath Kovind went to greet the people of Mauritius, they also unveiled the statue of Ganga Talab and planted a sapling of Peepul tree which signifies the religious grounds.

The message was loud and clear across the world, India and Mauritius share religious and cultural values and that the two nations stand by each other.

India have always suffered from a problem where the policy makers are unable to envision the long term and long-lasting aims. Withbroader vision, it is sensible to establish Indian institute for the Indians who are in large population in other continents. This broadens the aspects of indulgence of welfare for India. Hindi being the native language, can also involve in making the impact. There are many people who even though are not Indians have learned Hindi very well, many celebrities have tattoos on their bodies written either in Sanskrit or Hindi, yet again proving the scope of international cooperation.

How to Teach Hindi to Kids – 10 Effective Ways


Any kid’s brain is almost like a fresh piece of clay. Language is almost like that while on which he/she is molded. After all, it is through the word that various ideas, morals, ethics are transferred into him. The beauty is language, that it can easily transfer emotions, sentiments and the most potent compliments from one person to another. I am of the belief, that words in a language, actually define the personality of an individual. More the words, more the scope of an individual to have a diverse range of emotions.

Hindi is perhaps a language which is not only one of the oldest languages in the world, it is also a language with the most words. Also, one of the most spoken languages in the world and the majority has spoken the language in India, and you can often identify a Hindi speaker from the humble behavior and respect for one and other. If you are looking for a reason to teach your kid Hindi, you must know that Hindi is one language which makes use of every sound that our mouths make whenever the tongue touches any part of our mouth and any music that our windpipe is capable of producing. Thus, your kid is likely to have the most neutral accent and an accent that can work for any language. If you have made up your mind already, here are 10 ways in which you can make your kid effectively learn Hindi:


Entertainment, drama, songs, and people speaking in Hindi. This is certainly the first way in which you can learn Hindi, since, you get all of that at once and hearing the same words again and again might make your kid pick on few words he really likes.



This is one of the first ways the kids can learn. Show them certain common objects and tell their Hindi names to them. Repeatedly ask what is that object. The kid would eventually pick up on it and will understand that that very object is called by its Hindi nomenclature.


If your kid is slightly older, ask them to learn 1 word from the dictionary each day and use it at least 3 times a day. That way they will never forget it and use those Hindi words in the future.

Give rewards every time they speak in Hindi.

Use interactive learning methods like games, computer applications etc.

Buy your kids good books, that can interest them.

Have regular conversations

Participate in Events with where they can display Hindi skills

Ask Questions#10 Ask. Answer. Practice. Repeat

Basics for Learning Hindi for Beginners

Hindi is a legitimate language in the country of India. The most prominent speaker in the world, at least almost 1 billion people. The popularity of this language is nothing but the result of Indian cinema. For the community, not a few films can be watched. This is what sometimes creates people interested in learning about their culture. One of them is to know the language. But unfortunately, digging for English language tutoring in Bekasi is more comfortable than exploring Hindi tutoring.

Well, so what is your technique for learning it yourself? See this article!

Things to Look For When Learning Hindi

Hindi is a bit different from other foreign languages. The difference lies in the grammar. There are not a few changes that can affect meaning. One of them is that this language prioritizes gender. That is, there are sayings which must be separated for who the word is.

The word in question is a noun used in a sentence. This word can show masculinity and femininity. So, it should not be wrong when using it. For masculine words, often the noun is solved with a vowel aa, for example, is Larkaa. While to indicate femininity, the end of the noun is solved by vowel ee. An example is Larkee.

Tips for Learning Hindi

For those of you who are interested in learning Hindi, then you don’t want you to need not a few references. Starting from exploring the source of conversation, reading books, to the vocabulary required.

For beginners who want to speak Hindi fast, the best technique is to explore daily vocabulary. This vocabulary can be searched from many sources. We will show you some essential vocabulary later.

Here, you are encouraged to continue to sharpen your skills in just saying. Because saying will be faster, and you know how to tell the meaning of speech. It can even give recognition or answer what the other person is reading. Now, the technique for mastering this language can be seen below.

  1. Look for vocabulary words that are used daily
  2. Look for simple talks with a specific theme
  3. Provide a digital dictionary or the like to find out words that are not understood
  4. Create special times for learning Hindi
  5. Practice how to spell sentences that have been learned
  6. Target to understand some sentences
  7. Duplicate each time you have free time
  8. Frequently pay attention to Indian songs and follow the song
  9. Often watch Hindi films
  10. Look for language speakers in social media for advanced practice
  11. Learn languages ​​regularly

Hindi Language Vocabulary Lists And Their Meanings

Although the practice of this language has strict general rules, still this language can be understood. With the list, you have equipped yourself with some daily vocabulary.

Some vocabulary words and sentences can be used as a guide for beginners. If you are diligent in learning it, the results will be extraordinary. You can see some Indian language vocabulary below:

Hindi Language Means
YahHe, he, this (singular)
VahHe, he, this (plural)
YeThey, this
VeThey, that

That is the introduction of vocabulary that can be learned first. Collect the essential vocabulary, then recite it in a loud voice. Gradually, you will get used to saying it. Now, are you ready to learn Hindi now?

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