Month: March 2019

The Role Of Hindi In Improving International Cooperation

Hindi is our mother tongue and being Indians, we must be proud of it. When Sir Anerood Jugnauth, Mauritius’s minister mentor, minister of Rodrigues and minister of defence, made a statement saying India is our mother and being her child, it is our responsibility that we stand together and make an effort in making Hindi, the official language of United Nations, the room filled with an applause. Every person sitting in the room agreed to him hand down. That did not seem like some politician just making statement and vague promises for the sake of a vote bank. He ahs kept Mauritius kept connected to the grounds of India even after the huge the distance of great miles. He gave a living example of the same in the eleventh World Hindi conference which was co-hosted by two countries.


When the journalists asked questions in English, the lady who was guiding them very well suggested to converse the same in Hindi. This suggests the connections and validates that Hindi is playing a part in improving international cooperation. Indians who have now settled abroad also play a big part in this. As they settled across, Hindi is now spoken in one hundred and twenty countries and is very well understood amongst one point two billion people across the globe making a great ratio to make a point. All these points don’t even leave a doubt to those who still does not feel, Hindi opens the doors to the enormous possibilities.

Mauritius has a great economic strength and also various strategies which could be used in strengthening the bond between the two nations. When prime minister Narendra Modi and president Ramnath Kovind went to greet the people of Mauritius, they also unveiled the statue of Ganga Talab and planted a sapling of Peepul tree which signifies the religious grounds.

The message was loud and clear across the world, India and Mauritius share religious and cultural values and that the two nations stand by each other.

India have always suffered from a problem where the policy makers are unable to envision the long term and long-lasting aims. Withbroader vision, it is sensible to establish Indian institute for the Indians who are in large population in other continents. This broadens the aspects of indulgence of welfare for India. Hindi being the native language, can also involve in making the impact. There are many people who even though are not Indians have learned Hindi very well, many celebrities have tattoos on their bodies written either in Sanskrit or Hindi, yet again proving the scope of international cooperation.