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6 Things You Can’t Do in India, Be Careful!

Vacation to India and see first hand the legendary charm of the Taj Mahal might be a very interesting idea. Aside from the Taj Mahal, India is also known as a country rich in tradition and culture. As a result, do not be surprised if every year there are millions of tourists who spend their vacation time in this country.

But just like when you go on vacation to other countries, you also must learn the habits of Indians. Including what you can’t do during your vacation there!

1. Use shoes when entering a temple or house

The temple became a sacred place for Indians, remembering that the majority of its inhabitants were Hindus. Because it’s not surprising that Indians always take off their shoes when they enter the temple. If you have the opportunity to visit the temple, make sure you do the same.

Okay, you don’t share the same beliefs, but at least you can still respect them by doing simple things, taking off your shoes and following the rules for example.

2. Taking or receiving something with the left hand

Just like in Indonesia, in India taking or receiving something with your left hand is considered an immoral act. This is because, the left hand is considered a dirty hand because it is used to clean yourself from the bathroom. Now because of its function, using your left hand when receiving or taking something will make Indians offended.

3. Wear minimal and open clothing

Local Indians

In big cities, wearing clothes that are slightly exposed will be considered normal. But that does not apply if you visit small towns. In some areas, people still use traditional clothing.

The use of minimal and open clothing will be considered as rude. Even if you are on vacation in a big city though, wearing minimal clothing especially for women is something that should be avoided because it can provoke crime.

4. Pointing at something with a finger

Showing something with your index finger is considered polite. But if you visit India, you should avoid this one habit. Instead, use your entire hand to attract someone’s attention or at least use your thumb if you want to point at something.

5. Wish everyone can speak English

Memorizing some basic words in a foreign language is a must if you want to visit a country. In India, many young people master English. But still the majority of the population still communicates in Hindi so that tourists must learn some basic words in Hindi to communicate.

6. Easy to feel offended

Indians sometimes act too curious. They do not hesitate to ask about various personal things such as work, marital status, even your income per month. Although this question is considered annoying, but you must not be angry huh. They don’t mean to! In contrast, they just want to break the silence and make the atmosphere more fluid and warmer.

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