Basics for Learning Hindi for Beginners

Hindi is a legitimate language in the country of India. The most prominent speaker in the world, at least almost 1 billion people. The popularity of this language is nothing but the result of Indian cinema. For the community, not a few films can be watched. This is what sometimes creates people interested in learning about their culture. One of them is to know the language. But unfortunately, digging for English language tutoring in Bekasi is more comfortable than exploring Hindi tutoring.

Well, so what is your technique for learning it yourself? See this article!

Things to Look For When Learning Hindi

Hindi is a bit different from other foreign languages. The difference lies in the grammar. There are not a few changes that can affect meaning. One of them is that this language prioritizes gender. That is, there are sayings which must be separated for who the word is.

The word in question is a noun used in a sentence. This word can show masculinity and femininity. So, it should not be wrong when using it. For masculine words, often the noun is solved with a vowel aa, for example, is Larkaa. While to indicate femininity, the end of the noun is solved by vowel ee. An example is Larkee.

Tips for Learning Hindi

For those of you who are interested in learning Hindi, then you don’t want you to need not a few references. Starting from exploring the source of conversation, reading books, to the vocabulary required.

For beginners who want to speak Hindi fast, the best technique is to explore daily vocabulary. This vocabulary can be searched from many sources. We will show you some essential vocabulary later.

Here, you are encouraged to continue to sharpen your skills in just saying. Because saying will be faster, and you know how to tell the meaning of speech. It can even give recognition or answer what the other person is reading. Now, the technique for mastering this language can be seen below.

  1. Look for vocabulary words that are used daily
  2. Look for simple talks with a specific theme
  3. Provide a digital dictionary or the like to find out words that are not understood
  4. Create special times for learning Hindi
  5. Practice how to spell sentences that have been learned
  6. Target to understand some sentences
  7. Duplicate each time you have free time
  8. Frequently pay attention to Indian songs and follow the song
  9. Often watch Hindi films
  10. Look for language speakers in social media for advanced practice
  11. Learn languages ​​regularly

Hindi Language Vocabulary Lists And Their Meanings

Although the practice of this language has strict general rules, still this language can be understood. With the list, you have equipped yourself with some daily vocabulary.

Some vocabulary words and sentences can be used as a guide for beginners. If you are diligent in learning it, the results will be extraordinary. You can see some Indian language vocabulary below:

Hindi Language Means
YahHe, he, this (singular)
VahHe, he, this (plural)
YeThey, this
VeThey, that

That is the introduction of vocabulary that can be learned first. Collect the essential vocabulary, then recite it in a loud voice. Gradually, you will get used to saying it. Now, are you ready to learn Hindi now?

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