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Indian food has different characteristics from other cuisines in the world. Variations can also be different, depending on the region. For example, there is a difference between cuisine or cuisine originating from North and South India. Some of the popular Indian specialties include Biryani rice, tandoori chicken, naan, samosas, and many more. Indian food is known to be healthy because it is rich in vegetables, such as okra bhajis, samosas, and dal. In addition, Indian religion and culture also affect the taste of the food. For example, India does not recognize dishes made from beef, because this animal is sacred in Hinduism. There are no dishes containing pork because it is forbidden among Muslims in India.

Indian food which is popular in the world can also be found in Indonesia. Some restaurants serve Indian specialties such as naan, samosas and biryani rice. Here’s a list of popular Indian dishes:

Biryani Rice

Biryani Rice

Biryani Rice or also commonly called Nasi Basmati is a very popular Indian food. Rice processed food derived from basmati rice has a distinctive shape. In contrast to white rice which is usually consumed by Indonesians, basmati rice has a larger and longer shape. Biryani rice is cooked with a mixture of various spices consisting of pepper, pepper, and turmeric.

Biryani rice is usually served with a special thick sauce that is rich in spices. Coupled with a dish of vegetable dishes or chicken, goat or beef dishes as a complement to the dish.

Butter Chicken

Butter Chicken

Butter Chicken, commonly called Ayam Butter by Indonesians, is one of the most popular Indian specialties in the world. This dish is a boneless chicken processed food that is cooked until the texture is soft. Then, the cooked chicken is re-cooked with a mixture of cinnamon, turmeric, coriander, pepper, cumin, garlic, and butter. The combination of spices and savory butter produces a special dish with a delicious taste that suits all tongues.

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Sambar and Idli

If you are on a diet and looking for delicious foods that are low in fat, you must try this Indian food. Sambar and idli can be your healthy food recommendations. These two foods are a combination of dishes made in one serving of black beans and fermented rice. Sambar and idli will be even more delicious when enjoyed with vegetables with a spicy taste. Its high nutritional content makes this food very suitable for those of you who want to be full of energy without worrying about getting fat!


This Indian cuisine is one of the delicious dishes with simple basic ingredients. Chole is a bean curry made with a combination of tomatoes, chickpeas, and onions as well as Indian spices. With a taste that is rich in spices, chole is very delicious when eaten while still warm. Usually, chole is also served with a complementary addition of shredded chicken.

Tandoori Chicken

Lastly, Indian specialties that are a favorite for Indians and from various other countries are Tandoori Chicken. A dish of processed chicken, which is also called Tandoori Murg is usually often served for daily meals because the cooking process is relatively easy. The shape is more or less the same as grilled chicken, but the taste of the special spices makes this chicken a special menu for many people.

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