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Top 10 Hindi Learning Apps For Android

  1. Drops: Learn Hindi

Drops is an OK language learning application. This one concentrates more on conversational Hindi. You learn center words and states and extend from that point. The application shows sentence structure through training instead of principles.

  1. Duolingo


The application utilizes snappy, short sessions for straightforward learning. You play little amusements, learn vocabulary words, and the sky is the limit from there. It’s a genuinely compelling methodology.

  1. Google Translate

It works incredibly for the two voyagers and students. You can interpret words as you type them. It incorporates sound elocutions too. There are a couple of other extraordinary highlights, including a camera include that interprets things like signs and menus progressively and a live interpreter for talking.

  1. HelloTalk

Hello talk

It interfaces you to different people. You show them your language, and they show you theirs. The application incorporates voice and video visits, instant messages, picture messages, sound messages, and the sky is the limit from there. There are likewise more than 100 dialects in the application.

  1. Learn Hindi Free

It includes more than 9,000 words and expressions with sound articulation precedents. It works the best as a phrasebook. You can see letters from the letter set, learn states rapidly, and the application has a fair association framework. There are likewise tests, disconnected help, and a better than average hunt.

  1. Memrise


It utilizes pretty much every showing strategy accessible. It has language structure and vocabulary exercises, conversational Hindi exercises, and even a social component where you can converse with individuals who communicate in Hindi. You likewise get disconnected help, different tests, and tests for capability estimation, and an articulation control with chronicles of real speakers.


  1. Mondly

It bolsters a pack of dialects, including Hindi. The application centers generally around center words and expressions. It at that point presents conversational Hindi and starts assembling your vocabulary. You additionally get day by day difficulties, articulation sound from local speakers, and a versatile learning highlight that gives you more exercises that you will, in general, do well with.

  1. Rosetta Stone


Hindi is one of those alternatives. Rosetta Stone uses an exclusive educating strategy. It appears to work for individuals because Rosetta Stone is a mainstream decision. The application begins with conversational Hindi and gradually manufactures your vocabulary and sentence structure from that point.

  1. Simply Learn Hindi

It likely works best as a phrasebook instead of a learning stage. It incorporates more than 1,000 common words and expressions of more than 30 classifications. Each expression has its sound elocution too. You can even back off the playback if you need more opportunity to hear the word. The application likewise incorporates tests, advance following, and the sky is the limit from there.

  1. Tandem

The application sets you with other language students around the globe. You get familiar with their language and show them yours consequently. The people group style is very successful. You likewise get sound and video calls, instant messages, picture messages, and sound messages. You can even pick the theme you need to find out about that day. There are additionally proficient guides accessible.

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