How to Teach Hindi to Kids – 10 Effective Ways

Any kid’s brain is almost like a fresh piece of clay. Language is almost like that while on which he/she is molded. After all, it is through the word that various ideas, morals, ethics are transferred into him. The beauty is language, that it can easily transfer emotions, sentiments and the most potent compliments from one person to another. I am of the belief, that words in a language, actually define the personality of an individual. More the words, more the scope of an individual to have a diverse range of emotions.

Hindi is perhaps a language which is not only one of the oldest languages in the world, it is also a language with the most words. Also, one of the most spoken languages in the world and the majority has spoken the language in India, and you can often identify a Hindi speaker from the humble behavior and respect for one and other. If you are looking for a reason to teach your kid Hindi, you must know that Hindi is one language which makes use of every sound that our mouths make whenever the tongue touches any part of our mouth and any music that our windpipe is capable of producing. Thus, your kid is likely to have the most neutral accent and an accent that can work for any language. If you have made up your mind already, here are 10 ways in which you can make your kid effectively learn Hindi:


Entertainment, drama, songs, and people speaking in Hindi. This is certainly the first way in which you can learn Hindi, since, you get all of that at once and hearing the same words again and again might make your kid pick on few words he really likes.



This is one of the first ways the kids can learn. Show them certain common objects and tell their Hindi names to them. Repeatedly ask what is that object. The kid would eventually pick up on it and will understand that that very object is called by its Hindi nomenclature.


If your kid is slightly older, ask them to learn 1 word from the dictionary each day and use it at least 3 times a day. That way they will never forget it and use those Hindi words in the future.

Give rewards every time they speak in Hindi.

Use interactive learning methods like games, computer applications etc.

Buy your kids good books, that can interest them.

Have regular conversations

Participate in Events with where they can display Hindi skills

Ask Questions#10 Ask. Answer. Practice. Repeat

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