Indian Cultural Center and Consulate General of India Promote Hindi in Bali

Bali’s Indian Cultural Center Bali in cooperation with the Indian Consulate General, Bali celebrated the 13th World Hindi Day on Wednesday, January 10, 2018. To promote Hindi for the Balinese people, this event is followed by the Balinese community as well as the Indian community in Bali.

On this occasion, the Director of ICC Bali, Manohar Puri, read a message from the Prime Minister of India, Shri Narendra Modi, for the celebration of World Hindi Day. In his letter, the Prime Minister expressed his happiness that all Indian Embassies and their representative offices in the world celebrated January 10 as World Hindi Day. Since Hindi becomes a formal language, Hindi will spread faster on an international level. He congratulated Hindi enthusiasts and all Hindi speakers and aspired to all parties to collaborate in spreading Hindi.

The World Hindi Day Celebration opens with Indian national songs. Mr. Monahor Puri as Director of ICC Bali, invited Balinese people to open their remarks. With celebrations like this, it aims to make Hindi more popular, and for those who are interested in learning Hindi, they can learn and visit their Country. India most famous sport is Cricket, they also try to bring this sports known to the world. Although not all country likes cricket, but they enjoying to watch and place bet in cricket matches, one of the platform who provide this is agen sbobet known as the biggest and trusted sports agent in Asia.

“However, we will open a Hindi study room as soon as possible. Whoever is interested in going to India and learning Hindi can work with the Indian government. This is classified as providing airplane tickets, lodging, and even some pocket money. As the Prime Minister mentioned that Hindi spreads the fastest in all the world. This creates additional opportunities for field activities in the tourism sector because more and more Indians are coming to Bali. If all the young generation learns Hindi, this can help them to get activities in the tourism sector, “he said.

The Indian Prime Minister’s message and remarks by the Director of ICC Bali were said in Hindi which was translated into Indonesian by Mrs. Vani Shastri.

The program was enlivened by the singing of Hum Honge Kamyab and the Sarasvati Vandana dance of ICC Bali students, which means “We Can Overcome. Master Ayushman K Suraj sang one more patriotic entitled Nanh Munha Rahi Hoon, and Mrs. Sweta Kumari sang Bhajan entitled Tu Pyar Ka Sagar Hain Besides that, students from Vivekananda Yoga Sanstha Ashram Gandhi Puri gave a fantastic display of yoga movements.

Many Balinese came to witness and enliven the event, including Anand Ashram, Brahma Kumaris Ashram and the head of Gandhi Puri Ashram. The delivery of certificates to all participants was the closing ceremony given by Mr. R.o Sunil Babu as Consul General of India in Bali and Director of ICC. The closing ceremony was also completed with a group photo session.

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