Kashmir A Piece of Heaven in Blazing India

The legendary rock group Led Zeppelin once made a song called Kashmir. The song indeed carries the atmosphere of Kashmir in a thick rock melody. As the softness of Kashmir’s view, but save violence and embers.

The beauty of Kashmir has been the praise of Indian kings. When Jahangir Khan of the Mogul Dynasty came to power in the 17th century, he described Kashmir like this: “If there is a paradise in the world then it is in Kashmir.”

Traveling to Kashmir is indeed risky. This beautiful region borders three countries: China, India and Pakistan. However, those who diligently clash are Pakistan and India. Despite being predominantly Muslim, Kashmir is considered a holy land by Hindu followers of Indian Shiva.


Jahagir Khan calls Kashmir a paradise, of course there is truth. This region has a unique culture – as Led Zeppelin plays Kashmir – the nature is beautiful, the cuisine is delicious, and of course the people are friendly. You can even invite Kashmir residents to play judi bola from the soccer bet apps and having the fun together witht them.

Kashmir has three forms: in the West and North Kashmir is controlled by Pakistan which names the region as Azad Kashmir and Gilgit Baltistan. Then in the north and east, controlled by China, and named Aksai Chin. While India-controlled Kashmir was made into the state of Jammu-Kashmir.

The three regions have beautiful nature and culture, but Jammu-Kashmir is most in demand by tourists. Because the Indian government makes Kashmir as a tourist icon, in addition to Himachal Pradesh at the foot of the Himalayas.

At least it took two weeks to get around Kashmir. Quiet and smooth streets are found in Kashmir. The problem is that the country does not have adequate public transportation. Passing tourists are only served by charter cars, and become very expensive during low season because there are rarely other tourists who can be invited to rent jointly. Car rental costs can reach Rp 500,000-1 million per 12 hours.

But all vanished with views of green Kashmir and colorful gilded flowers. Blue sky stretches into a backdrop of glacier mountains. The Kashmir Valley is popular with the beauty of the cities of Srinagar and Lake Dal, which is in the center of the city. Wooden canoes sail over a clear lake. From afar the Himalayas stood proudly.

Srinagar is more like the small towns of Switzerland at the foot of Mount Alpina. The city offers horse riding, skiing and snow tours in Pahalgam, Sonamarg and Gulmarg. On Yatra day, thousands of Hindus from India and other countries came to meet Kashmir hotels. They believe Kashmir is the home of Lord Shiva.

While the city of Ladakh is a stretch of land between the confluence of the Indus and Zanskar rivers. Ladakh is inhabited by a majority Buddhist population – unlike most Muslim Kashmiris. As a result, Ladakh presents a tourist atmosphere in Tibet, both from the natural landscape, architecture, food, to culture influenced by the Tibetans.

Indeed traveling to Kashmir must be careful. Because demonstrations and shootings often occur. In fact, technically India and Pakistan only did a ceasefire in the struggle for Kashmir. This is what makes Kashmir burning, but it is indeed difficult to deny the beauty of Kashmir.