I am very happy to see such an elaborated at the same time very simple way of learning Hindi. This is very useful for my kid to have a basic foundation for Hindi grammar.
– R. Siyamala

Lovely stuff for beginners – well done!
– Praveena Pai, London

I’ve been looking for something like this for my daughter! I love it…
It’s clean, easy to use and colorful.Love your ideas and the hindi worksheets.
-Angna Shah, Fremont, CA

Awesome Effort!!! I will use your hindi worksheets for my group of students.
-Lak Sri, RTP, NC

A very nice site. These ready worksheets for hindi really come very handy for my kids.
-Unnati Chulani, Dubai

Nicely done…aesthetically i really like it. Content ofcourse is good.
-Richa Dubey, Fremont CA

I totally loved your web site. In fact I was looking for something like this for my kids.
I didn’t find any website that actually teaches your kid to write hindi.
-Madhu Ganger,Cupertino CA