The Most Used Language in the World

LANGUAGE can be said one of the most beautiful gifts that God has given to humans. Imagine if in this world there were no languages ​​or only one language, would perhaps scientists be able to create important discoveries? Then, how many languages ​​are there in the world? Based on information from the Ethnologue, when there were 6,912 languages ​​spoken by people in all the world. This accuracy is certainly still doubtful because every day there is a new language that might appear, the opposite is also the extinct language. Please follow the order of the top 9 languages ​​that are the least used in the world that is opened from the sequence:

Spanish language

After Portugal gained control of maritime routes in Asia, Africa, and America in the 15th century, a change of Spain dominated these regions since the 16th and 17th centuries. As a result, not a few Spanish cultures were powerful there. At present, Spanish is not the least used as the legal language of countries in Central and South America. Besides, Spanish is also not a bit spoken in many United States states bordering Mexico. Even many English vocabulary is borrowed from Spanish like tornadoes, bonanza, patio, quesadilla, enchiladas, and supreme taco grande, etc.

French language

The language which is often referred to as a very poetic language in this world besides being used in France has become a legitimate language in many countries it has colonized. French is also one of the legal languages ​​of the United Nations (UN) in addition to English, Spanish, Russian, Mandarin, and Arabic.

Russian language

Mikhail Gorbachev, Vladimir Putin, Roman Abramovich, Anna Kournikova, and the beautiful Maria Sharapova are Russian speakers we have known through many media reports. However, besides them, there must be 270 million other people who speak Russian as the official language.


Portugal is indeed just a small country and can be said to be among the poorer countries in Europe. But in the 15th century, Portugal was a big nation because they were the one who worked on maritime exploration to many parts of the world. Thanks to the services of all like explorers Henry the Navigator, Vasco da Gama, Pedro Alvarez Cabral, and Afonso de Albuquerque. Portugal controlled urgent territories in Asia, Africa, and South America and then instilled the influence of its culture there.

Malay (including Indonesian)

The Indonesian language belonging to the Malay language group was in the 7th place with a total of 259 million speakers. This rough calculation is derived from the estimated number of Indonesians in 2009 reaching 230 million people, who are populated by 28 million Malaysians, 388 thousand Brunei citizens and some Thai, Singaporean and East Timorese citizens. This number could probably increase because, since 2007, the Indonesian language has been decided as the second legal language in Vietnam.


Arabic is one of the oldest languages ​​in the world and is a language used in the Qur’an. Arabic does not lend a little vocabulary to as many languages ​​in Europe as it is mainly Spanish, Portuguese, and Sicilian. Arabic, like Hebrew and Persian, uses a literary writing system from right to left. Since 1974, Arabic has been used as a legitimate language in the United Nations.


Well, this is the language that is very popular in the world as well as the language that is at least adopted as a legal language in many countries and international organizations. There are 53 countries and 10 international organizations that use English as the official language. Besides, almost all countries in the world realize English as a second language after their respective national languages.

Mandarin language

No doubt, Mandarin is the language that is the least spoken by people in all the world. The current number of residents in China / China is thought to have reached 1.4 billion million. Of these, all are required to speak valid words in one language, Mandarin. Not to mention, all Chinese immigrants in many parts of the world who are loyal to use Chinese as their daily language.


India is unique! Just imagine, this country has the second-largest city in the world, Bollywood films, Great King Asoka, Taj Mahal, Mahatma Gandhi. It turns out that India does not have an official national language. Hindi, which is spoken by the majority of Indian society is only expressed as the legal language every day with English and not as a national language by its constitution.

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